Dr Takayuki Akahoshi

Dr. Takayuki Akahoshi, who has devoted himself as a cataract surgeon to a charity hospital in Tokyo for 26 years, is known as the inventor of the “Phaco Prechop” technique as well as initiator of “Micro Coaxial Cataract Surgery”. In 1992, he developed Phaco Prechop technique to eliminate the need for the grooving step in phacoemulsification. By performing mechanical nucleo-fracture prior to phacoemulsification, efficacy and safety of cataract surgery has increased remarkably. This has established the basic concept of nuclear fragmentation in recently developed Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery. In 2004, he realized cataract removal through a 1.8 mm coaxial incision and developed instruments and techniques to implant a 6.0mm IOL, which is his routine procedure now.

By invention of the Phaco Prechop technique and other related instruments, he has realizedmicroincisional cataract surgery (MCIS), which eliminates surgically induced astigmatism. By his new invention of toric devices, he has changed the concept of modern cataract surgery from a surgery which does not induce astigmatism to surgery that treats pre-existing astigmatism. To demonstrate and educate others on his surgical technique, he has travelled to 67 countries for live surgeries and lectures to date. He has developed a variety of surgical instruments such as prechoppers, phaco tips, electronic toric markers, drapes, MICS instruments including irrigation and aspiration tips, three port sleeves and intraocular lens injectors. He has single-handedly operated on 10,398 cataract cases in 2015, which is the largest number of surgeries performed by a single surgeon in the world. His record of shortest surgical time is 1 minute and 29 seconds. He is the fastest and largest volume surgeon who operates though the smallest incision in the world. Despite retiring from Mitsui Memorial Hospital in 2017, he continuous his tireless efforts to improve clinical results of phacoemulsification surgery.